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FinnKoli T-shirtsFinnKoli Apparels Ltd is a full service fashionable knitwear manufacturer in Dhaka Bangladesh. We can manufacture everything You can imagine of beeing produced of knitted materials, like T-shirts, polos, sweaters, jackets and dresses. Our new factory provides You capacity enough for even really large quantaties.

We are specialized in serving fashion industry in Europe and especially in Scandinavia.

FinnKoli Apparels Ltd is ready and eager to produce also Your knitted fashion Garments. Hope You are interested in doing business with us? Please donĀ“t hesitate to conntact us. I am more than happy to tell You more about
FinnKoli Apparels Ltd.
Just challenge us.
CEO of FinnKoli

  Md. Ashraful Huq

FinnKoli Apparels Ltd.
Head Office:
115 West Agargaon

FinnKoli Brand New Production Building

FinnKoli Apparels knits, dyes & sews in large capacity
for European and Scandinavia fashion industry

  undyed fabric   dyed fabrics   ready t shirts  
  100 000 kilos of knitted
fabrics per year
  100 000 kilos of dyed
fabrics per year
  1000000 T shirts
per year




Serving our customers with profession and passion

FinnKoli Knitting MachineryOur customers are dear to us. We are allways doing our utmost best to fullfil their needs. We keep our promises, time schedules, financial agreements and the quality expected. we will work hard to meet all Your demands. If You need any earlier reference, please ask us.
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Sewing the fashion complete

FinnKoli product sawingFinnKoli Apparels Ltd has a doughter company established already in 1990 which has a sawing capacity of producing 1200 T-shirt type of garment a day. FinnKoli Apparels sewing department is just now still under installation and later this fall the 250 sewing machines will be available for inhouse production. This allows AnarKoli to concentrate fully in their old customers Morea about sewing click here

FinnKoli knits all needed fabrics

FinnKoli Knitting MachineryKnitting and dyeing have been started in FinnKoli new site. Inhouse sewing will start on September 2012. The knitting production has been going on in FinnKoli Apparels factory since early spring 2012 and the dyeing started short after. Today FinnKoli Apparels Ltd produces already 1000 kilos knitwear fabric a day and the same capacity is adchieved in dyeing too. Morea about knitting click here

Scandinavia is our second home

FinnKoli Apparels Ltd has an other doughter company located in Finland called Nordic Wear Finland Oy. Its main objective is to act like a bridge between our customers and the Bangladesh Production Sites. In Turku office everyone speaks English, but also Finnish and Swedish.
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FinnKoli in brief

Knitting Capacity
per year is
100000 kilos

Dyeing Capacity
per year is 100000 kilos

Shewing Capacity
per year is 1000000 pieces of T-shirts.

810 employees

Factory situated in Dhaka BangladeshMap of Bangladesh FinnKoli Product Line

No Child Labor Used!

no child working in the factory